Improv Against Humanity

Who doesn’t love a good game of Cards Against Humanity? We all know it’s done right if someone is snorting and someone else is crying with laughter. It didn’t get to quite that point on Saturday night but there was a lot of laughter coming from both the audience and the presenters.


Hidden away in the Producers Warehouse on Grenfell Street, it is only a short walk from the main bedlam of the Garden and Gluttony. The show opened with the opening theme song (Improv… Against Humanity) and six performers on stage before host Damien Vosk took centre stage to orchestrate the setup of their act. White cards were given to the audience while Damien had four black cards to ask. These questions and answers would go on to inspire the improv part of the show.


As you can imagine, things got a little weird, what with Santa and Rudolph killing parents, an insurance company refusing to cover damages caused by big black dick, a cop that was more obsessed with his dog than solving crime, and some very interesting things coming through a checkout.


We met Santa, Rudolph, the elves, and a Missus Claus who delighted in feeding Santa. There was a cop obsessed with his crime-fighting dog (their main crime crackdown was on J-walkers). A man who refused to admit that his Sweet Richard might be to blame for his internal pelvic factures. And two checkout chicks—one who was going to break the world record for sex.


With jokes about dogs, dick, death, and fat-fetishism, it was good for a laugh. I would give it three stars out of five, although the show would certainly be improved with a mic.


Words by Kayla Gaskell

Three stars.

Improv Against Humanity is playing at The Producers every night except Mondays until March 2. Tickets available here.

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