The Hummingbird Effect

One of the wonderful things about the Fringe is it often takes you to new and exciting places. The Lab is not somewhere I’ve ever visited before and I didn’t realise it existed until I arrived. A small tucked-away performance space on Playhouse Lane, just off Light Square, which also hosts visual arts exhibitions.

Sometimes you choose the show for the name and for me, I chose The Hummingbird Effect not just for the intriguing name but for the hummingbird poster.

On entering there isn’t much clue as to what to expect. The stage is littered with dream catchers, incense is floating on the air… And a piano awaits on stage. As the lights go down and Deborah arrives the audience anticipation is palpable. This is going to be something special.

The show centres around the concept of the hummingbird effect and the idea that just one chance encounter can change the course of your life. Deborah Brennan tells us about her interaction with the hummingbird effect after having her top three life experiences not to have (redundancy, depression, and a psychic connection). She highlights the importance of the hummingbird moment for her and tells us how it helped her get back on her feet and break back into the music world.

Interspersed with classic songs in which Deborah shows not just her incredible pianist ability, but her vocal one, her story held the audience captive from the first moment until the last.

Having gone in with little expectation I am pleased to report I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hearing about Deborah’s challenges and how she gradually put herself back together again was inspiring. Creativity is a strong theme throughout the show as Deborah is undoubtedly a talented artist trying to move through life and be true to her art. I would highly recommend getting down to see her show, of which there is unfortunately only one more show.


Words by Kayla Gaskell

Four and a half stars.

The Hummingbird Effect is playing at Queen’s Theatre at the Lab. Tickets available here.


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