The Brewster Brothers play Bob Dylan

The Brewster Brothers play Bob Dylan is a thoroughly enjoyable and rousing tribute to one of the world’s most famed and celebrated songwriters. The Brewster Brothers, John and Rick, of Australian band The Angels, are accompanied by Nick Norton another Brewster in Sam at the German Club in their entertainment of a packed hall. Sadly, this was a one-off performance, so I can’t encourage you to go and see the next one but the barnstorming success of this show is such that the next time they are performing a show (or should they return in Fringe 2019) this is not to be missed.

The crowd was large, passionate, and diverse. There were older members of the crowd whose lives likely flowed alongside the career of Bob Dylan, those much younger, and some wearing ‘The Angels’ t-shirts. The performance was not necessarily simply for those who already had a pre-existing love of Dylan’s work. It was simply an opportunity to revel in the joys of great music.

The show was scheduled for 75 minutes and when the time came, the band was dragged back on stage not once, but twice, by enormous vocal demand of the crowd. In that minute or so after the band had bid the audience goodnight and left the stage, the hall was filled an uproar of demands for ‘one more’. As it happened, the Brewster Brothers offered not one but three final songs to round out their tribute to the freewheelin’ Mr Dylan.

If there are any critiques to be made, they would the lack of such major songs Chimes of Freedom and the songs from the album Blood on the Tracks.

The Brewster Brothers do a remarkable job of conjuring up that unique element that saw Dylan rise above the rest. The famed troubadour would surely have been proud of the care and detail taken by the Brewsters in paying tribute to his long career.

The Brewster Brothers read the crowd to perfection, with the deftness and skill that comes from their own successful careers. Their 75-minute performance blew out in length and I couldn’t shake the feeling that the band were having as great a time as the audience when the final song came around and they kept it going as long as possible. The final, lengthy song, gave each performer a chance to showcase their own individual skills in a marvellous send-off to the rapturous applause of the crowd. A total success.


Words by Liam McNally

4½ stars.

The Brewster Brothers play Bob Dylan was a one-off performance at The German Club.

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