Cirque Nocturne

Cirque Nocturne has us stepping back into the 1940s as crime noir and circus come together. While the story-line is pun-tastic and features a Private Investigator’s (PI) murder investigation, the real show is, of course, that of the performers. Cirque Nocturne features a variety of local talent which serves to simultaneously entrance, impress, and inspire the audience.


Featuring an assortment of acts, there is something for everyone. With each act a new femme fatal or shady figure is uncovered, and both the audience and PI are one step closer to solving the crime. Glamourous and dark, we see the “hidden” talents of each new character as they take to the stage to wow us with their skills. A trapeze artist, an aerialist, a juggler (or two), acrobats, and even a fire twirler, as each new suspect performs both raising and placating the PI’s suspicions.


While the performance on Wednesday was not entirely seamless, the performers on stage were incredibly skilled and certainly worth seeing.  From juggling to fire twirling and hoops to aerial skills you are sure to be entertained.


Words by Kayla Gaskell.

Three and a half stars.

Cirque Nocturne is playing at the Empyrean in Gluttony at 9:50pm nightly until the 4th. Tickets available here.


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