Alex Cofield: Supernova

Wonderfully, joyfully, powerfully a success, Supernova is an odd blend of musical comedy and storytelling. It underpins a fundamentally affirming story with magnificent and seamless wordplay.

Raj House makes for a perfect setting for this bright, glorious, and robust musical comedy, reflecting the nature of the show as it does. Having been to another production of Wild Pony Productions (Bad Women), the expectations were high. It should have been difficult to match expectation but Alex Cofield does it brilliantly.

The success of the show is made all the more remarkable by the inherent challenges of a one man show. An hour of intricate and intelligent wordplay so complex it occasionally borders on the realm of tongue twisters, Alex Cofield somehow makes it seem easy. His performance exudes professionalism and skill to such an extent that the challenges of a solo play are breezed over and seem insignificant in the face of his success.
Throughout the show, he is able to show his vocal talents extend to just about any challenge one could think to put up. The performance is a thoroughly enjoyable one, mounted with excellent results from Cofield, the sound, and the lighting teams. With such quick fire wordplay, that in itself is to be admired.
The impression one is left mostly with, however, is the joyous heart and soul of the show. It’s a joy to behold not only a show so well produced but also something of such a good and affirming nature.
The story itself is an interesting one with similarities to Hot Fuzz, and Twin Peaks (though maybe that was just the red curtains?) with its exploration of small-town eccentricities and keeps the audience thoroughly engaged right up to the rapturous applause that greeted the conclusion of the performance.

Words by Liam McNally

4½ stars.
Alex Cofield: Supernova is playing at Raj House until March 4. Tickets available here.

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