Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

Presented by A-List Entertainment, Shit-faced Shakespeare was a hilarious rendition of the classic and well abused tale, Romeo and Juliet. We tend to think of Shakespeare as inaccessible or highbrow, yet that was never the playwright’s reception or intention. Shit-faced Shakespeare is a wonderful way of bringing Shakespeare back to everyone.


Playing on the ageless relationship between any drunk and their love of being the centre of attention, these guys certainly kept us on our toes as Romeo and Juliet took a walk in a new direction.


As we know, the story is about the forbidden love between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet whose families are at war. Yet a befuddled mind doesn’t always remember the story right and it seems that this time Juliet falls not just for Romeo, but for Mercutio. Romeo and Mercutio, brothers in arms, are confused by Juliet and must make the decision to either reveal their separate identities or present themselves as twins who have won Juliet’s heart together.


With a not-so-godly priest, a church, and a three-way love, the story runs away from the original thanks to the interference of one inebriated actor playing Benvolio. The improvised Shakespearean English (adding ‘-ith’ to the end of words) and the not-so-occasional slip up into modern English as their drunken actor was reigned in, make it easy to follow and a lot of fun for the audience as well as the actors.


It’s safe to say this probably isn’t the most child-friendly show, but it is definitely worth seeing for everyone else, who knows, you might even get to participate, but only if you’re willing to blow (a bugle) in public.


Crude, rude, and full of dick jokes, Shit-faced Shakespeare endears Shakespeare’s work to all yet again to all through one ageless commodity—getting shit-faced with your mates! The wily old bard would be proud!


Words by Kayla Gaskell.


Five stars.


Shit-faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet will be on at Gluttony’s Cornucopia at 9:30pm nightly until the 18th. Tickets available here.

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