James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind

The creator of one of my favourite Fringe shows, Wolf Creek the Musical, as well as The Sound of Nazis the Musical, James McCann returns to the Adelaide Fringe with his latest stand up offering, McCann-dle in the Wind.

Cobbling together anecdotes, observations and self-depreciating ramblings, we are given a real insight into the trials and tribulations of the comedy world. McCann meanders from topics, not always in a logical order, but the journey is nonetheless entertaining.

His strength here lies in the brief inclusions of his musical comedy, especially his song featuring a particular pot plant. His tales of working in a call centre might hit a little too close to home for anyone else who has had the misfortune to find themselves in that environment, including this reviewer, but for everyone else it’s bound to prove a hilarious waypoint.

Rambling, disorganised comedy sets can definitely work as a structure, but it didn’t quite hit the mark this time. There are real gems in this show but the overall set could use a little more polishing to truly take off. Regardless, this is a good show. McCann is a skilled performer with natural charisma. And if you also want an excuse to check out this year’s hottest new venue, Raj House, then this show is certainly a great drawcard.


Words by Simone Corletto.

3/5 stars

James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind is playing at Rhino at Raj at 8pm every night until March 17th. Tickets available here.


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