‘Pulled Down’ – The Crooked Doctor

The Crooked Doctor, a Melbourne-based band of an eclectic collection of musical styles, released its first single Pulled Down on June 1. Looking at their description of their music with mentions of ‘synthy goodness’, ‘arena rock’, and ‘synth funk’ makes the mind boggle at what one may be about to witness. It’s an interesting bunch of descriptions that is made nearly impossible to define when they add ‘a tinge of Nick Cave’ to the mix.

What the listener gets is a heady blend of tones positively dripping with style and atmosphere which proves the description of their music perfectly correct. Accompanying the darkly moody music is a vocal performance that lives up to the mention of Nick Cave in its near growl and in the nature of the lyrics themselves. It places the song somewhere between the bitter poetry of Nick Cave and the more open, broader elements of arena rock. It never loses sight of either and works well as the middle ground between these two styles.

Pulled Down is an extremely well-produced track that keeps its rugged heart. It seemingly grounded and ethereal. The result oddly fitting, strong track that marks an extremely confident and assured beginning for The Crooked Doctor. It’s the sort of track that arrives on the horizon fully-formed and definitive enough to establish a “sound” for the band.


Tulpa Magazine had the opportunity to put a few questions to Sasha Soibelman, an artist behind The Crooked Doctor and after the atmospheric experience of Pulled Down, we were sure to take the chance to ask about the song and the band’s future plans.

What’s the meaning behind the figure on the pictures?

The artwork was created by Jonty de Klerk ] and to me it represents that small part of all of us that just wants to do sit back, see the whole picture and live life the way we want to. He’s chosen the Crooked way of life and has no regrets about it.


Where to from here? Does the Crooked Doctor already have a next project on the horizon?

The Doctor has a whole EP recorded and ready for release very soon! It delves deeper into more synth-funk elements and has a different vocalist on each track including LA based singer Shelley Segal and Melbourne crooner Lewis Ciavarella. The Doctor likes to branch out!


What is the idea/theme that went to making ‘Pulled Down’?

‘Pulled Down’ is about someone compromising their morals so much that they end up in a place they don’t know how to get out of. They try, and the song has a few tips for them, but ultimately they have to fight their way out of that place. As they say, ‘run fast, aim low’.



Pulled Down can be found on Spotify and other services. The Crooked Doctor can be found on Facebook here.


Words by Liam McNally.

‘The Crooked Doctor’ image by Jonty de Klerk.


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