‘Back To Californian Spring’- By Sydney F.W. Stout



I am scared of the dark and,

With every step yet more lost.


I know no path, yet fear my steps false,

Every one an investment in mistake,

A folly of naivety and hope.


I’ll reach for the flicker ‘n’ flame,

I dare to hope – a chance not lost.

Where I’ll be is gone; where I was,

Where I head, all forgot.


No, there’s a place for me,

For all us stumbling and reaching,

With no cause to hope 

Yet that is what we’ll do,

All with hope to fight despair.


Last I saw in light,

Was one green Californian spring.

And memories cheat me but before –

Before things went dark, before I feared

A devil’s footsteps trod truer than mine,

Yes, there was light and a line to walk.


And there, somehow, I shall find myself a way.


Words by Sydney F.W. Stout


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