Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette

Comedian Louise Beuvink is offering an etiquette guide for the modern woman. Hosting a fancy dinner party on a budget (pate made of blended mini hot dogs and champagne made in a Sodastream), an instructional song about encouraging your male partner to go down on you, and a quick tutorial about the rules of cricket, are all covered in her hour-long session. With a sharp feminist voice and some extremely funny personal stories, Louise’s Ladylike is a very fun night out (I was seated behind a group of women in their mid-forties on a night out, who were having a great time). No topic was too personal for Louise – including a bit about steamed vaginas – and it was nice to hear a young woman’s voice on the double standards placed on people with a vagina (Louise’s opening address asked, who thinks the gender binary is bullshit? to a healthy cheer). The audience was largely women and it couldn’t be more perfect for Louise’s show.
The show’s second half perhaps wasn’t as strong as the first, but is hard to follow up a song about getting your husband to perform cunnilingus on you with anything quite as memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would recommend for anyone looking for a good laugh about the misogynistic double standards placed on women.


3.5 stars.

Words by Riana Kinlough.

Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette is playing daily (except Mondays) until March 3. Tickets available here.



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