Silence of the Labia

How does one go about reviewing a show like Silence of the Labia? How does a review capture the vast amount of reactions that I felt during the show?

As insinuated by the name, Silence of the Labia is not a show for the faint-hearted. Or children. Or anyone with any kind of squeamishness. Contrary to the name, the labias were not silenced in this show; they had their say and they shouted out loud!

Silence of the Labia is an unapologetic celebration of the female body, especially where we all came from: the vagina. Taking away the stigma around the ‘downstairs garden’, Simone Springer and her lovely assistant, Miss V, open the audience to the seriously humorous side of female genitals.

This show displays the amazing tricks of the female body and the good, clean fun that you can have with a labia that may or may not involve googly eyes. The beautiful hostess interacts and involves the audience with games such as labelling the parts of the vagina and a song guessing using body parts. Definitely a show for a late night out with the girls, Silence of the Labia is a memorable performance that will provide you with endless dirty jokes for your repertoire.

Riddled with many innuendos, puns, and dirty jokes, the laughs just kept on coming during the sixty-minute show. This Fringe show is definitely an adult show with very strong nudity, and the viewer should be ready for this when they enter the tent. Before you see this show, make sure that you think you’re ready for what is to come; because I can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t.

Three and a half stars from me.

Words by Sarah Ingham

Unfortunately, Silence of the Labia has finished it’s Fringe run. You can learn more about the show and presenter Simone Springer via the Fringe website.


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