Tulpa Magazine Editorial Committee 2020

We are currently seeking applications for our Editorial Committee. Before applying please read the following guidelines:

Our Values

Tulpa Magazine believes in providing a safe space for emerging writers to publish their work, hone their skills, and develop networks in the arts industry. Safety and support are the key cornerstones of our publication. We believe in the rights of journalists to produce stories without fear of censorship. We strive to provide support and information to writers and artists in order to help them grow professionally and find new ways to showcase their work. We utilise social media in order to share the work of writers and artists across Australia, but with an added focus on South Australian writers.


Position Description

The Tulpa Magazine editorial committee is responsible for the communication, marketing, and management of the publication. This includes the management of the editorial and review teams, allocation of work, communication with contributors and organisations, and the upkeep of the website and all social media platforms.

The editorial committee will work closely with all parts of Tulpa Magazine, and all decisions made about the publication’s direction and growth must be discussed and agreed upon by the entire team. However, each committee member will have an area of specialisation. This might be a section or regular segment of the publication which they are responsible for running, advertising, and managing.

General administration, marketing, and online work is shared between committee members based upon their workload, availability, and individual skill-set. The committee members are the public and professional face of the publication and are expected to engage with organisations and the local community to further the general interests of the publication.

The ideal candidate will be highly organised and self-motivated individuals capable of managing a team of writers and editors as well as producing and commissioning high-quality content targeted at our audience.

This is a new position and successful applicants will run Tulpa Magazine for twelve months with the opportunity to extend this term upon completion. Editing experience is desirable however not essential as successful candidates will receive training upon commencement.

Please note that Tulpa Magazine is an entirely volunteer-run organisation and as a result this is voluntary position suited for those interested in further developing their skills.


Key Duties

  • Maintaining the website
  • Working with writers to edit and prepare submissions for publication
  • Liaising with sub-editors, writers, and other contacts
  • Networking with local artists and arts groups and organisations
  • Pursuing opportunities related to the publication
  • Producing regular and engaging social media content
  • General administrative duties


To ask questions or apply for this position please send your resume and cover letter to tulpamagazine@gmail.com by 25 October 2019.


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