Tulpa is an Adelaide-based magazine focusing on the Arts Community in South Australia. Our aim is to give emerging and marginalised writers a safe space to publish their work. We accept work from writers of any age and experience level. For more information on what we publish, please visit our Contribute page.

The Teamliz

Lisandra Linde, Managing Editor
Lisandra is an editor, writer and aspiring academic. She has been an editor and designer for Empire Times Magazine. She is the vice president of Speakeasy Flinders and a member of Quart Short Literary Readings. She writes Fantasy and creative nonfiction. She tweets at @KrestianLullaby

Luna McNally, Managing Editor

Luna is an editor, writer, and student who has been published in Rip It Up, Speakeasy, Empire Times Magazine, and other places. They were an editor for Empire Times for two years. Luna writes compulsively and can be traced by the smell of fresh coffee.


Kayla Gaskell, Managing Editor

Kayla Gaskell is one of the managing editors of Tulpa Magazine. She has a Creative Arts and Honours degree in Creative Writing from Flinders University. As well as working on Tulpa, Kayla writes for Fest, The Eye Creative, Readplus, and more.

Leeza Headshot

Leeza von Alpen, Editor
Leeza is a writer and poet (both written and slam), and an English and History high school teacher. In her spare time, she treks through rainforests and star watches. She loves paperbacks, Hayao Miyazaki movies with milkless tea, and puns. You can follow her on Twitter @leezajayde and Instagram @leezajaydepoetry


Simone Corletto, Editor

Simone Corletto is an Adelaide-based YA and Science-Fiction writer. She’s performed her work numerous times for Speakeasy and at the National Young Writers Festival. Her first co-edited anthology, Crush, was published by MidnightSun Publishing this year. Her work has also appeared in Empire Times, Double Helix, RiAus, and the 2017 Visible Ink anthology “The End”. She spends her spare time crocheting lumpy hats, writing about teenage superheroes, and telling people about her science degree. She tweets at @SimCorWrites


Jess M Miller, Editor/Columnist

Jess is an emerging writer, editor and PhD student who spends her days researching why women make the best time travellers. She works for MidnightSun as a Publishing Assistant, and co-edited Crush: Stories About Love in 2017. Her publications include Lip, MOSF Journal of Science Fiction (forthcoming), Bowen Street Press’ Pulse anthology… and Tulpa!


Cameron Lowe, Editor

Cameron Lowe is a horror and sci-fi writer, editor and student. He’s had fiction and articles featured in Speakeasy Zine and Empire Times. He loves to read, play video games, and drink green tea. He’s one of the 2018 editors at Empire Times. He tweets at @cloweshadowking.


Taeghan Buggy, Editor/Writer

Taeghan Buggy is a writer, a poet, and a performer. Her work tends towards emotional gut punches and dangerous words. Taeghan’s immersion within ‘Arts Culture’ includes the New Wave Audio Theatre project, Flinders’ Speakeasy Creative Readings, and Adelaide’s open-mic poetry scene.

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