By a Thread

By a Thread is a beautiful acrobatic show that emphasises the importance of teamwork with an elegance that I’ve never seen before. For an hour-long show, the performers captivate the entire audience with just one very long rope and two pulleys. Having the rope suspended with two sides of the rope dangling from the roof, it echoes simple symmetry that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to watch.

I was drawn in by the playful nature of the team, how they all worked together to create such anxiety-inducing acrobatic acts. Fun, sharp and comedic at times, you can see the pleasure and adrenaline on the gymnast’s faces as they fly, scurry, and fall around the stage. I was lucky to be sitting close enough to see the sweat on their backs and the concentration on their faces.

From young to experienced, the seven performers put their lives on the line and in the trust of one another to show off their skills on the rope. The show is an incredible testament to the human body and the feats that it can accomplish.

With music varying from orchestral masterpieces to modern techno along with a mesmerising light show, the seasoned professionals play the rope like second nature.

Overall, an entertaining act nestled back of Gluttony in an airconditioned tent. Absolutely anyone can go and see this wholesome show and leave with a full heart and a smile on your face.

Four stars from me!

Words by Sarah Ingham

By a Thread is showing at Gluttony until March 17.


Mutating Roots

The main performer of Mutating Roots is Japanese Australian circus artist Mayu Muto. She uses dance and acrobatics to weave her story of cultural loss, gendered assumptions, and becoming cross cultural.

Muto’s physical performances are amazing. Her dance and acrobatic skills were mesmerizing. Watching her spin around and descend I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Muto’s performance was complimented by her incorporation of a wooden cage. This cage helped convey feelings of helpless-ness and being trapped.

Dressing up as a Japanese schoolgirl was another highlight, it offered both a comedic relief while also discussing a wider issue in terms of gender stereotype, particularly with Japanese women.

Although kept to a minimum, the dialogue that was used was powerful. They spoke of fear and anger that the performer had encountered. Those few words conveyed so much feeling and emotion while only being extremely short.

While I did find the show enjoyable, I had a lot of trouble with following the overall story. I found myself lost throughout the performance and wasn’t sure I knew what was happening. Unfortunately, I only grasped the story two-thirds the way through which was disappointing.

Mutating Roots is an intriguing performance. Muto has some heart-stoppingly amazing dances and her spoken word section is well done. However, my confusion as to what was happening did dampen my experience.


Mutating Roots is playing at Gluttony’s Empire Theatre until March 3, to find out more follow the link.

3.5 Stars

Words by Cameron Lowe

Cirque Nocturne

Cirque Nocturne has us stepping back into the 1940s as crime noir and circus come together. While the story-line is pun-tastic and features a Private Investigator’s (PI) murder investigation, the real show is, of course, that of the performers. Cirque Nocturne features a variety of local talent which serves to simultaneously entrance, impress, and inspire the audience.


Featuring an assortment of acts, there is something for everyone. With each act a new femme fatal or shady figure is uncovered, and both the audience and PI are one step closer to solving the crime. Glamourous and dark, we see the “hidden” talents of each new character as they take to the stage to wow us with their skills. A trapeze artist, an aerialist, a juggler (or two), acrobats, and even a fire twirler, as each new suspect performs both raising and placating the PI’s suspicions.


While the performance on Wednesday was not entirely seamless, the performers on stage were incredibly skilled and certainly worth seeing.  From juggling to fire twirling and hoops to aerial skills you are sure to be entertained.


Words by Kayla Gaskell.

Three and a half stars.

Cirque Nocturne is playing at the Empyrean in Gluttony at 9:50pm nightly until the 4th. Tickets available here.