The Guilty Feminist Podcast

The Guilty Feminist Podcast at the Adelaide Fringe festival was, sadly, a one-off for this Fringe season. But host, Deborah Frances-White, is headed to Melbourne next, and after being introduced to the podcast tonight for the first time, I’d already say with absolute resoluteness – YOU MUST CHECK THIS PODCAST OUT. The Guilty Feminist Podcast has received over 25 million downloads in just two years, and the production is dubbed by Frances-White as ‘radio they can’t stop you making.’


Hosted by Deborah Frances-White with guest hosts Claire Hooper (Great Australian Bake-Off, Good News Week) and Tessa Waters, on Saturday night they tackled the tricky subject of feminism and money. With plenty of comedy that left the full house at the Royal Theatre laughing and whooping, these women engaged in a show likened to a ‘really comfortable women’s march with jokes’ and also wine.


While keeping everyone entertained and cheering with a game called, ‘I’m a Feminist, but…’, Hooper and France-White took jabs at the comparable level of complexity to the inner workings of spark plugs and hair ties, or at the customs officer who likened a feminist podcast to women’s football. All three women also had real moments of sincerity, highlighting the importance of women taking control of their finances as a step towards gender equality. Hooper informed us that the average retired woman will have a little over half the money that the average retired man will have, and Waters addressed the difficulty women have in negotiating their pay, particularly in the Arts. To discuss such heavy topics and still manage to throw in jokes about flaps and threesomes, takes skill and left me very impressed. Frances-White said at the opening of the show, ‘Well-behaved women never make history’, a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates The Guilty Feminist Podcast.


Words by Kirsty van der Veer

Four stars.

You can listen to The Guilty Feminist Podcast here, and if you’re able, the podcast will be live in Melbourne at The Coopers Malthouse on February 28th and 1st and 2nd March.