1000 Doors

1000 Doors is difficult to describe. Like all art installations, the intention of the artist is personal and ambiguous, the meaning being up to the interpretation of the viewer.

Set up in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, 1000 Doors is a dark choose-your-own adventure in which you take your time journeying through the labyrinth of doors presented. You enter at your own risk and take your time to absorb the unique experience. A half an hour is the recommended time-frame, but you can take all the time you need.

Lining up, you’ll be greeted by a guide ready explains the simple rules: don’t break anything, don’t steal anything, and if you feel uncomfortable at any time you are free to leave.

Walking inside, you are confronted with a long hallway with loud fluorescent lights down the centre. Wallpaper, beautiful but hanging ripped from walls stained with unknown liquid. Blurry black and white photographs scattered around the floor. Sounds, impossible to pinpoint, seeping through the walls, the effect is loud and all encompassing.

Initially, you might be waiting for the classic haunted house jump-scare. This experience is so much more than that. A journey through time and genre, I was completely immersed in the four walls and varying doors presented to me. Choosing your own path through the winding corridors and oddly shaped rooms, you are one with the art around you.

A feeling of unease propels you through the myriad of time and experience. At once not here, nor there. Not in the present or the past, but somewhere different entirely, surrounded by the echoes of the voices of those who came before you.

If you can find the exit, you will experience the installation peaking in a divine crescendo of sight and sound. Returning to the bright and brilliant Fringe is a sharp jolt back to reality from a world not quite our own.

Encouraged to touch the surrounds, backtrack and interact, 1000 Doors is a truly sensory experience. I would recommend that someone wishing to attend bring along a friend to share the experience, or just have someone else open the doors for you. You never know what’s behind the next door. For anyone curious to see what fears and curiosities might await in the space beyond, 1000 Doors is a place for you.

I give 4 stars for a show that leaves you thinking: how and where did someone find this many doors?


4/5 stars

Words by Sarah Ingham


1000 Doors is on every day apart from 17/2/2020.

For more information and for tickets click here.


Retrojam: Experience Through the Ages

A while ago I was asked to write an article on a costume and retro clothing shop on Grange Road. Being a lover of old music and funky clothes, I immediately said a wholehearted yes and got in touch with the lovely owner of Retrojam, Julie. We organised a date and I hopped in my car, blasting some Doors and Rolling Stones.

Before I even stepped foot inside the shop, the dresses on the mannequins had already excited me for what was to come. Printed 50’s Rockabilly dresses exuded the potential of the clothes waiting inside. When I first entered the shop, Julie was serving a customer. She greeted me with a smile and showed me around quickly whilst the customer was getting dressed in his handpicked party costume. He emerged, looking like something straight out of the 1970’s, mullet wig and all. Julie explained that the patterned pants and the high-necked shirt were vintage 70s. After he changed back to his normal clothes I was shocked to see how much he had transformed. Julie had taken him right through the eras with her clothing knowledge and dressing expertise.


Julie was everything I expected and more for such a unique shop. She was lively, dynamic, engaging and just someone who you could chat to for hours. She took me through the shop design that she built from scratch, with some help from her builder. Racks and racks of psychedelic prints and shelves of bright, florescent Go-Go boots were just some of the beautiful items available for rent. Sourced from her own private collection, America, and local op shops, most of the clothes available for rent are authentically retro.


Julie has been in the clothing industry for her whole working life. She has been dressing customers since 1974 showing she has experience through the ages. If you’re stuck for a costume or a groovy outfit, Julie can dress you from head to toe. Her shop is much loved and has provided clothes for a whole range of events, even including a wedding!

Next time you’re stuck for a costume to wear, or something fancy that will stun friends and family, I would highly suggest Retrojam. Whether you shop on the website or in person, the authenticity of the clothing and the crystal clean condition they come in is something that can’t be matched. Put that with the personal service and the wonderfully bubbly Julie, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Visit https://retrojam.net.au/ or call (08) 70065874 to see for yourself!

The shop is open from:

Tuesday 10-5:30pm
Wednesday 10-5pm
Thursday 10-5:30pm (or later by appointment)
Friday 10-5pm
Saturday 9:30-4pm

Words by Sarah Ingham.
Photographs from https://retrojam.net.au/.