Unplotted Potter

If you like improv; if you like comedy; or if you’ve ever felt the desire to delve into some wildly speculative background stories of Hogwarts’ most obscure characters — UnPlotted Potter is the must-see Adelaide Fringe show for you.


I first saw UnPlotted Potter at last year’s Fringe, and was left enchanted and deeply amused, so when I saw that Scriptease were putting on another season this year, I signed up right away.


UnPlotted Potter starts off with the names of three underrepresented or obscure Potterverse characters being drawn from the “Goblet of Fire”. Relying on audience members to select a favourite, the cast then immediately delves into an over-the-top and constantly hilarious construction of the chosen character’s origin story.


Friday night’s show had the choice of Susan Bones (a Hufflepuff from Harry Potter’s year), Mr Ollivander (the ancient and somewhat creepy wand-maker), and Professor Arsenius Jigger (an old professor of Potions and the Dark Arts, and author of three books) immediately dubbed “Arse Jigger” by the cast. After a majority win, Mr Ollivander’s origin story was played out. Opening with Ollivander’s son, Devon, “picking up things” in the Forbidden Forest as punishment after kicking a professor down the moving staircase (the stairs kept moving and she fell for three weeks), the story followed his rebellious yearning to move away from the family wand-making business; and saw his father (Mr Ollivander), his grandfather (also Mr Ollivander), and his great-great grandfather (another Mr Ollivander) as they worked to try and convince him to stay in the family business that had been around since 382 BC.


Over the hour-long show, topics covered ranged from Hogwarts sex education, to pirate first-aid, and even Ollivander’s secret past as a travelling bard and exotic dancer. The cast were quick-witted and adapted well to each scene change, and even managed to smoothly incorporate the sound of an audience member’s keys that fell on the floor into their act.


Perhaps the best part of this show is that every night is a completely new and different performance, meaning you could see it again and again, and by all means — you should!


Words by Kirtsty van der Veer

4 stars.

Unplotted Potter is playing at Tandanya Theatre at Live From Tandanya until March 18, except March 12 and 13. Tickets available here.