The Talents of Darkness

The Loft in The A Club on Waymouth Street was turned into a room full of magical acts, drag, and fire by the team behind The Talents of Darkness. For an hour, they treated attendees to a variety of acts from many different performers. It was a show which was both entertaining and thrilling.

One of the best performances of the evening came from the main presenter, Bebe Trixc. For one of their acts, Trixc got a volunteer from the audience to give them $50 which would then be sealed in an envelope. A set of envelopes were put into a paper shredder, narrowing down to the one with the money in it. The tension built as each envelope was shredded, wondering if they’d shredded the wrong one or not. This was made even tenser when they told another volunteer to check the shredder.

Other great acts included the hip-hop hula hoop by performer Phoenix and a fire-breathing act by Murder Clown the Sane. All the costumes were also very well done and evoked a classic circus and cabaret feeling, from mime to dancer.

Another thrilling act was fire-spinning, performed by Abyss. Even if they were thrilling, the fire acts didn’t seem to break new ground. My enjoyment was also dampened by the confinements of the room itself. These fire acts made the room hot and at one stage it was difficult to breathe. The room also concerned me, safety wise, especially when one of the acts accidentally dropped their fire stick. If it was more of an open area then I would have enjoyed these fire acts a lot more.

The Talents of Darkness is a show full of fun and thrilling acts. All the performers did well and made for an entertaining evening. The only real let-downs were the fire acts and the room itself, but these were only minor issues. It was an enjoyable show with a lot of thrilling action and tension. Definitely go check it out if you can. They will be playing until March 3 at the A Club.


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Review by Cameron Lowe