A Sexily Goretastic Time
In a darkened theatre in the Mosaic Lodge on North Terrace, six performers brought a sexy and bloody burlesque performance in Gorelesque. For an hour, the audience were treated to six burlesque performances ranging from the incredibly sexy to the outright freaky. I didn’t know what to expect when I first took my seat. Little did I know that I would have a sexily goretastic time.
Gorelesque is a show that is not short of nudity whatsoever. All performers would strip down to the bare essentials, sending the audience into a roar catcalling and applauding. Most of these performances would keep their bare essentials, but one performer went all out, stripping down to absolutely nothing. This was a big surprise to me, I didn’t expect to see someone strip completely naked on the stage. It really upped the ante and made the show more thrilling. I was expecting only a tease, not someone getting completely naked.
My highlight acts were given by one performer who went all out in costume. Her first act (the third act), had her dressed in funeral veils concealing her face as she entered the stage. Stripping over time, she revealed her face which was nothing short of horrifying. Blood spurted from vampire teeth as she revealed her forehead, which to me was one of a demonic Klingon. Her second act (final act) had her emerge on the stage dressed in all white and on crutches with a rabbit mask reminiscent of a BioShock splicer. These costumes really took me back, they were frightening but also strangely sexy.
Cabaret performer Laurie Black (Space Cadette) stood in as host for the show I attended. She performed an intermission piece, which was a song about alcohol. While I found this song to be intriguing, it felt out of place in a show with gore as the theme. This is about the only criticism that I can give about the show, although she did well as a host.
If you’re looking for a Fringe show that’s both scary and sexy, Gorelesque is the show for you. I really enjoyed it, with the costume design and music being very fitting. The aged look of the Mosaic Lodge only enhances the horrifying experience further. I also recommend this show to any horror fans who want something to see at the Fringe this year.


Words by Cameron Lowe.
4.5/5 Stars

Gorelesque is playing at the Masonic Lodge February 16-17, 21-24, and March 7-10. Tickets available here.