Aidan Jones: The Abersham Flat

One of the things stand up does best compared to other styles of performance is presenting an anecdote or true story in a way that feels so much more genuine. You really believe the outrageous and larger than life story being weaved before you. This is something Aidan Jones excels in his show, The Abersham Flat.

Here we follow his adventures doing what many of us only fanaticise about, moving to England to follow your dreams (in stand up) and ending up in a dodgy London flat. Here Aidan must deal with a particularly difficult roommate, conman and all-round-weird guy, Andy. This story is interweaved with other anecdotes from Aidan’s life, including the story about meeting his biological father, and a very complex STI scare.

What results in a highly compelling and hilarious journey that truly takes you on a real rollercoaster of mostly highs. It’s clear from his stage presence and performance that Aidan is no stranger to the stage. His light, self-deprecating style, and willingness to turn such personal and sometimes embarrassing stories leaves a sense of raw vulnerability which sucks you in.

Definitely a talent to look out for, check out Aidan Jones: The Abersham Flat.


Words by Simone Corletto

4 stars.

Aidan Jones: The Abersham Flat is playing at the Nook at The Producers until March 18 (excluding Mondays). Tickets available here.

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